Vieques Logistics


There are various ways to get from the main island of Puerto Rico to Vieques Island;

By air

  • From San Juan International/Luis Muñoz Marin Airport (SJU), Vieques Air Link Tel: 888-901-9247 or Cape Air 800-352-0714, approximately $240 round trip, 25 minutes. *New Service from Isla Grande, Seabourne 877-772-1005, larger planes

  • From Isla Grande Airport in San Juan (about a 20 minute taxi ride from International), Vieques Air Link $145 round trip, 25 minutes

  • From Ceiba Airport on the east coast of Puerto Rico, (about an hour+ taxi ride from International), Vieques Air Link $65 r/t, 12 minutes.

  • Air Flamenco also provides charter service from Isla Grande and Ceiba, 787-724-1818. There are a few additional companies ask for details.

  • Culebra Air, 787-427-4808,, charter

By Ferry

The ferry dock is located in the town of Fajardo on the east coast of the main island, about an hour drive from San Juan (traffic permitting). You should arrive at least a half hour in advance to purchase tickets, (many hours in advance on Easter and summer holidays weekends). It is often difficult to obtain advance reservations on the cargo ferry and you should not plan to bring a rental car over from the main island. It is usually impossible to reach the Port Authority by phone, but the number is 800-981-2005. The ferry ride is about 75 minutes and the air conditioning inside is very cold. $4.00 per person each way. There are occasionally delays, be prepared!

Passenger Ferry Schedule

Depart Fajardo            Depart Vieques

9:30am                        6:30am

1:00pm                        11:00am

4:30pm                        3:00pm

8:00pm                        6:00pm

Taxi Van (publico) Service from San Juan to Fajardo

  • Julian, Cel: 787-385-7604 and Awilda, Cel: 787-245-6145

            San Juan to Fajardo or Ceiba, $70-$150 one way


Rental Cars on Vieques
Vieques is a small island but you will still need a rental car to enjoy it to the fullest, especially to get to the beautiful and remote beaches in the Wildlife Refuge and for dining in Isabel and Esperanza. You should reserve your rental car as soon as (or even before!) you book your vacation home rental, as vehicles sell out well in advance for prime dates.  Almost all the vehicles are SUVs and prices range from $60-$85 per day, depending on the company and size and year of the vehicle. Most cars seat five people and there are limited three row models available that seat seven. Remember to fill the gas tank in advance during busy times, as gas sells out sometimes too!

  • Maritza Car Rental, 787-741-0078
  • Vieques Car Rental, 787-741-1037
  • Marcos Car Rental 787-741-1388
  • Chepito Car Rental 787-649-2542
  • Abreeze Car Rental, 787-741-1856


Remember all supplies come by ferry. Some products come in only once a week, so you may have to shop more than once during your visit.

  • Morales Supermarkets, on Rt 200 in Monte Santo across from the gas station and on Baldority de Castro St. in Isabel, Mon-Sat 6:30am to 6:30pm, Sun 6:30am-11:45am. Vegetables on Wednesdays, Dairy and Bread on Fridays, Meat on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Convenience stores (colmados) are usually open until 9pm and carry a good supply of basics, beverages and ice.

El Molino on Antonio Mellado St. in Isabel II
Mambo on Rt. 997
El Encanto on Rt. 201
The Green Store (Tienda Verde) in Esperanza

Buen Provecho Gourmet Market on Antonio Mellado in Isabel II, Tues-Sat
Owner and Chef Chris Ellis also provides cooking services, 787-529-7316
Placita Reyes Farmer’s Market on Rt. 201 by GE plant on Tuesdays & Fridays 8am-3pm, arrive early for good selection! They’re there
on Wednesdays too but with less product.
Fruit Truck on Rt. 997 across from the Jr. High, often not fresh but there in a pinch.
El Sombrero Viejo on 65 Infanteria St. in Isabel, 11am?-late, bar and liquor store, has nice wine cooler, cash only.

Finer dining establishments are busy in season and reservations are advised. Schedules change in slower seasons so call for details.

In Esperanza

  • El Quenepo, dinner Tues-Sun, 787-741-1215. Fantastic!

  • Tradewinds, breakfast & lunch Thurs-Sun, dinner seven nights in season, beautiful views, good food, 787-741-8666

  • Duffy’s, lunch and dinner seven days, classic beach bar and food, 787-741-7600

  • Bellybuttons, breakfast and lunch, good value, 787-741-3336

  • Lazy Jacks, bar and pizza, a hangout, 787-741-1447

  • Banana’s, 787-741-8700

  • Bili, 787-741-1382

In Isabel II  

  • Conuco, sophisticated creole, 787-741-

  • El Patio, lunch and some dinners, 787-741-6381, soon opening a new coffee and wine bar

  • Roy’s, breakfast café and Internet, 787-741-0685

  • Panaderia Viequense, bakery and sandwiches, 787-741-8213

  • Mar Azul, waterfront bar, 787-741-3400

Outlying Locations

  • Next Course, on Rt 201, dinner and small plates, Fabulous!

  • El Resuelve on Rt 997, Wed-Sun, authentic local food and atmosphere

  • Source at the W, Beach Bar and Café at W

Catering and Chef Services

  • Chris Ellis of Buen Provecho, 787-529-7316

  • Bili, Eva Bolivar,

  • Beverly Davenport of Orquideas, 787-741-1864

  • Personal Cuisine by Waldo, 787-487-4244


  • Ingrid Bergman, 787-435-1313

  • Suzi Higgins Walker, winter season only, 787-741-1709

Wedding Planners  


  • River Karmen, 787-741-0041

Real Estate 

  • Julie Dechter, Owner/Broker #11261, Vieques Realty and Rentals, 787-209-8868

Bio Bay/Water Sports/Horseback Riding

  • Island Adventures, 787-741-0720 (electric boat to Bio Bay)

  • Abe’s Snorkeling and Bio Bay, 787-741-2134 (kayaks to Bio Bay)

  • Travesias Yaureibo Kayaks, 787-447-4104 (kayaks to Bio Bay)

  • Nan.Sea Charters, 787-741-2390 (scuba and snorkeling)

  • Amity Charters, 787-502-3839 (deep sea fishing)

  • (horseback riding)

  • Blackbeard’s Sports, 787-741-1892, scuba and more


  • Henry, 787-649-3838

  • Sharon, 787-944-4569

  • Carlos & Denisse, 787-447-8697/787-644-7112

  • Jose Morales, 787-435-4277

  • Julian, 787-385-7604

  • Luis Gonzalez, 787-435-3805

  • Edna Robles, 787-630-4673

  • Jorge, 787-741-2116

  • Ismael, 787-741-0095


787-741-8397, on Victor Dutiel St., between Carlos LeBrun and Baldorioty de Castro streets, in Isabel II


On Rt. 997


787-741-2020, behind courthouse on Rt. 200 near intersection of 997



Fire Department


Fish and Wildlife


Tourism Office

787-741-0800, in the Alcaldia building on the main plaza



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